Helitak | Helitak Hover Pump
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Helitak Hover Pump

Helitak Hover Pump

The Pump Design;

Helitak Hover pumps come in two models. The HP2000 delivering a flow rate of 2000 litres per minute and the HP6000 has a delivery flow of 6000 litres per minute.

The Hover pumps are lightweight yet robust and have been proven in the field over many fire seasons. The clever design has delivered an all in one, solution that is also easy to maintain. The design also keeps the delivery up off the bottom of the lake or dam, reducing the risk of ingestion of rocks and debris.

No assembly required, compact design to allow for easy transportation.

hover pump HP2000


Hover Fill Rate: 2000 Litres pr min

Power Requirements: 24vdc 120amps

hover pump HP6000


Hover Fill Rate: 6000 Litres pr min

Power Requirements: 20KVA, 110VAC, 3 Phase, 150 Amps 28VDC

The benefits of purchasing a Helitak Hover Pump

Custom designed to each make of helicopter, compact easy to assemble,

built in compartments housing the electrical and hydraulic components,

dual hover fill pumps, reducing fill time, fail safe door operation,

selectable door opening – Extremely cost effective.

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