About Helitak

Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment Pty Ltd is a Rotary Aerial Fire Fighting specialist, aerial firefighting design and manufacturing company located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

CEO and Chief Engineer, Jason Schellaars is himself a Helicopter Fire Fighting Pilot supported by an expert team who ensure consistent high standards of innovation, design and manufacture.

As a commercial pilot and engineer by trade, Jason identified the need for a user friendly, easy to install, all-in-one plug and play fire suppression unit for use in the helicopter industry.

With well over a decade of research, design and development Helitak has developed an efficient, compact, reliable and cost-effective unit known as the Helitak Fire Tank. Helitak have also expanded our product line to include a range of high volume Hover Pumps and the Helitak Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) a Microprocessor Controller Unit that provides touch screen control of door pattern coverage levels, cloud-based telemetry with GPS water volume collection and drop detail, tank maintenance, operator details and further information required by agencies for the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Jason Schellaars – CEO, Chief Engineer

Helitak has been operating since 2006 and the first commercial Helitak Fire Tank was exported to the United States of America and the product was officially launched at the HIA Heli Expo in 2007. The Helitak Fire Tank was also featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corporations New Inventors in 2009. The tank design was the winner and also collected the people’s choice award.

Helitak currently supplies fire tanks for the H125/AS350 Squirrel/AStar, Bell Medium range, Bell 214ST and BK117 airframes.

Both the FT4500 UH60/S70 Black Hawk and the FT4250 Super Puma tanks are due for FAA STC certified release in early 2021- both capable of delivering 1100 gallons with no airframe modifications. These Type 1 aircraft with a fire tank capacity of 1100 gallons has created a great deal of interest with pre-sales of these new designs being completed by operators from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Helitak is also currently working closely with two major Helicopter manufacturers on the design and testing of 3 x new tank models, two of which are due for release in late 2021.

The benefits of dealing with Helitak

  • Custom designed to each make of helicopter.

  • Compact and easy to assemble.

  • Built in compartments housing the electrical and hydraulic components.

  • Dual hover fill pumps, reducing fill time.

  • Easy access to components for maintenance.

  • Hi flow hover pumps delivery quick fill times.

  • Selectable door operation.

  • Fail safe design.

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Products currently under development

  • Leonardo Agusta AW139 FT2800 (2800lts / 739Gal) tank filled via the Helitak HP2000 Hover Pump delivering 2000lts / 528Gal per minute.

  • Airbus Super Puma / Cougar H215 FT4200 (4200lts / 1109Gal) tank filled via the Helitak HP6000 Hover Pump delivering 6000lts / 1585Gal per minute.

  • Boeing Chinock CH-47 FT10000 (10000lts / 2645Gal) tank filled via the Helitak HP10000 Hover Pump delivering 12000lts / 3200Gal per minute.

  • Shallow Fill Pump for installation into Long Line Bucket systems to deliver between 2000 and 6000 litres per minute.

All your sales enquiries will be managed by Paul Blundell, who heads up the Operational and Production departments.

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Fergus Ponder
Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy, Australia

In my opinion, design and improvement for a helicopter belly tank has long since plateaued. This is due to the inherent challenges faced by manufacturers. The main issues facing a helicopter tank manufacturer are the lack of space under the aircraft (when on the ground) and maintaining head pressure to ensure a useful drop pattern that will substantially impact a fire line.

The driving need from the firefighting industry to have a belly tank fitted to their aircraft is forcing the tank manufacturers to redesign their systems to fit the multitude of different airframes. In other words, they are trying to make an existing system work in an application that it wasn’t designed for.

By contrast, the Helitak retractable tank concept is highly innovative. It addresses the issues that traditional water bombing tanks either ignore or do poorly. Using ‘out of the box’ ideas, the resulting concept takes advantage of state of the art technologies from different sectors.

The Helitak retractable tank is the first design to address those inherent challenges, without requiring expensive modifications to the existing airframe. The innovative design is adaptable to virtually any platform, and due to its clever independent operating systems, it can be installed or removed very quickly.