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If you missed the video link to the Fireball.International event here it is!

   WATCH VIDEO DISPLAY HERE: Fireball.International, Helitak and McDermott Aviation technological demonstration event - YouTube Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment, Fireball.International and McDermott Aviation - Three Sunshine Coast companies have collaborated [...]

Leading USA based helicopter operator
and Sikorsky Blackhawk TC holder

Upon meeting and speaking with Jason and his team I can honestly state that this is an impressive concept with a great team behind the scenes. Whilst I was aware of other non-Blackhawk retractable tanks operating in America I was not aware that these were also Helitak tanks, meaning that the concept

has been well and truly tested to breaking point from every angle over many American fire seasons – interesting to also note that some of these American based Helitak tanks also travel back to Australia under USA ownership each year to operate aerial firefighting contracts for the Australian Government.

I think the Helitak retractable tank is an amazing innovation, widely tested and manufactured by a group of very well versed and experienced staff. With Jason’s own commercial helicopter aerial firefighting experience, it means that we have a product designed by people at the coalface of the operations.

We are proud to be associated with the early stages of the Helitak Blackhawk tanks roll-out and we will be offering this tank as an option to our future Blackhawk customers.

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