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Helitak Fire Pill

Helitak Fire Pill

The Pill Design;

Designed for remote and restricted access fire work with a carrying capacity between 450 to 4000 litres (120 gal to 1000 gal). The Fire Pill is constructed with a GRP upper and lower section and a high grade vinyl material used for the extendable bag. Designed with an internal foam compartment and drop value assembly. Models above 1200 litres can be installed with shallow fill pump assembly requiring approx 14 inches of water to fill.

No assembly required, compact design to allow for easy transportation.

“A range of Fire Pills to suit most applications.”

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

The benefits of purchasing a Helitak Fire Pill

Custom designed to each make of helicopter, compact easy to assemble,

built in compartments housing the electrical and hydraulic components,

dual hover fill pumps, reducing fill time, fail safe door operation,

selectable door opening – Extremely cost effective.

Discover more about our Fire Tank.