Helitak Fire Tank

The Fire Tank Design

The Fire underbelly tanks are custom built for each make and type of helicopter, with a carrying capacity ranging from 1000 to 10000 litres (250 US Gal to 2645 US Gal). The top section of the tank is constructed from carbon fibre construction and the design is such that no modifications are required to the aircraft. The extendable bag is manufactured from a specially sourced, heavy grade, hard wearing and tear resistant vinyl material – rated to 15 ton.

The tanks have built in compartments housing the electrical systems, Microprocessor Control Unit, hydraulic components and the foam dispensing tank and pumps as well. Fail safe door operation allowing the doors to open following a loss of power. Drop sequencing can be variable controlled by the pilot from the easy to use cockpit controller.

Helitak manufactured hover pumps provide refill times of less than 30 seconds for the HP2000 and less than 50 seconds for the HP6000 and less than 60 seconds for the HP10000. Dual hover pumps can be installed on larger tanks for reduced fill times and to add redundancy in the event of pump malfunction.

Helitak Fire Tank

Helitak Fire Tank

The benefits of purchasing a Helitak Fire Tank

  • Designs for a wide range of helicopters.

  • Low Compact, lightweight and cost effective with superior drop pattern.

  • No modifications required to the aircraft and quick fitting and removal.

  • Fully self contained with built in compartments for electrical, hydraulic and foam dispensing equipment.

  • Easy access to components for maintenance.

  • Hi flow hover pumps delivery quick fill times.

  • Selectable door operation.

  • Fail safe design.

See Videos Of The Fire Tank in Action

Our range of Fire Tanks

Helitak has a range of tanks to suit the most popular helicopters commonly used in fire suppression. We have tanks to suit the following aircraft.

Light Helicopters


Medium Lift Helicopters

Heavy Helicopters

Steve Jones
Chief Pilot / General Manager
Canberra Helicopters, australia

I have been involved with Aerial Firefighting in Australia for over 25 years.

I have flown many types of fire tank and bucket systems during fire bombing operations over the years, most of which are manufactured overseas and in particular in the USA.

I first became aware of the Helitak tank system when it won an award on the ABC show ‘New Inventors”. I was immediately impressed with the concept and it was not long afterwards I saw firsthand one of the tanks in action as fitted to a Sikorsky S61 helicopter.

Having flown the Helitak tank on many firefighting operations and seeing firsthand how effectively it works as well as having a sound understanding of fire ground operations I the USA and other regions, I believe the Helitak tank represents a great opportunity for the world wide firefighting fleet to have the best most cost-effective technology available.

I believe the Helitak tank is the future for aerial fire suppression and I have no hesitation in endorsing the Helitak tank considering the effectiveness, safety features and build quality.