Helitak Hoverpump

The Hoverpump Design

Helitak Hoverpumps come in three models.

  • The HP2000 delivering a flow rate of 2000 litres (528Gal) per minute utilising a 24VDC 120Amp supplying a usual tank fill tank time of less than 30 seconds over a 3metre (10Ft) vertical lift (from pump head to tank).

  • The HP6000 has a delivery flow of 6000 litres (1585Gal) per minute utilising a 20Kva 110Vac 3 Phase 400Hz AC (max 50Amp) electrical system supplying a usual tank fill time of less than 50 seconds over a 3metre (10Ft) vertical lift (from pump head to tank).

  • The HP6000 Shallow Fill Hover Pump offers an AC power option to long line bucket operators for larger aircraft with available AC power (Airbus Super Puma, Sikorsky Black Hawk, Boeing Chinock).

  • The HP10000 has a delivery rate of 12000 litres (2645Gal) per minute utilising the onboard AC 40Kva electrical system on the Boeing Chinock.

The Hover pumps are lightweight, yet robust, and have been proven in the field over many fire seasons. The clever design has delivered an all in one, solution that is also easy to maintain. The design also keeps the delivery up off the bottom of the lake, dam or ring tank, reducing the risk of ingestion of rocks and debris.

No assembly required, and they have a plug and play, compact design to allow for easy transportation.

Helitak Hoverpump

The benefits of purchasing a Helitak Hoverpump

  • Custom designed to each make of helicopter, compact easy to assemble.

  • Built in compartments housing the electrical and hydraulic components.

  • Dual hover fill pumps, reducing fill time.

  • Selectable door opening.

  • Fail safe door operation.

  • Extremely cost effective.

See Videos Of The HOVERPUMP in Action

Phil Guy
Managing Director
Tangent Link Ltd – Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

We have been involved with the global aerial firefighting community since 2007 and we continue to work with Governments around the world to provide a stage and think tank platform for Government and Industry to share knowledge, innovation and best practice.

In our view Helitak are leading the next generation of product innovation and creating an international reputation across the Aerial Firefighting operators. Their state of the art aerial fire suppression equipment is seen as a game changer as it does not require any modifications to a helicopter platform and at the same time delivers a more accurate retardant payload, it is safer to operate and easier to control with regards to retardant distribution rate.