Helitak | Firefighting Equipment
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helitak for advanced helicopter aerial fire suppression equipment

our products

The Helitak tank ground breaking new design allows a flexible bladder to expand while being filled and retract within its housing when empty. Dipping the pump into a water source and activating it will cause the tank to expand as the water load increases.

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Helitak hover pumps are robust yet light weight, easy to assemble, all in one units. The two pump versions have hover fill rates of 2000 and 6000 litres per minute. Dual pump installation also available.

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Designed for remote and restricted access fire work with a carrying capacity between 450 to 4000 litres (120 gal to 1000 gal). The Fire Pill is constructed with a GRP upper and lower section and a high grade vinyl material used for the extendable bag.

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